Before Ponies

by BluNoseReindeer

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Before Ponies is a song about how my creative life has changed after entering the brony community. I love this community and really cherish the bonds and people that I've met through it.


Before Ponies!
I used to think that friendship was dead
woke up everyday with a feeling of dread
Before Ponies, my life was a bore
Nothing for me there when I walked out the door

Before Ponies, my days were all gray
lack-luster, no life, just wasting away
Before Ponies, I shut myself away
like I was allergic to the light of the day

What’s with these pastel painted ponies
Some kinda magic that melts a heart
Now I just want to share my story
of how my life changed being a brony

Tell me
What did we do? 2x
Before Ponies.

Second Verse
Before ponies, didn't think I'd join the herd
I was too tough, the thought was absurd
Now I'm singing ‘cuz everything's changed
All of my priorities have been rearranged


Such a positive community
It brings out all our creativity
A place filled with so many wonders
makes me feel like Fluttershy
Dropping from Cloudsdale the first time


(Final Verse)
You might say that I’m obsessed
but if you ask me I’ve been blessed
These Bronies are amazing
I love how they’re so encouraging


released January 18, 2013
Lyrics by BluNoseReindeer and Pyromitsu
Song Performed by: BluNoseReindeer
Bass Guitar and Guest Vocals: Cyril The WOlf



all rights reserved


BluNoseReindeer Chicago, Illinois

A brony musician that just likes to make music and sing alot.

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